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Update 3/19/2020

Our members, our community, and our staff are our top priority at this time. Due to the rapidly spreading COVID-19, we will be implementing a few extra precautions in the spaces.

  • We will be closing the spaces to the public - meaning, no tours, drop-ins, or non-member meetings. Full-time members will still have access via their Door Keys, but the doors will remain locked.

  • Only essential visitors will be allowed in the space - if you have a meeting reserved for the month of March, we encourage you to plan to do it over video or the phone.

  • We are encouraging our staff to not come in if they are feeling ill or want to stay home at this time so we may not have staff on-site at all times.

  • Extra cleaning precautions are in place and will continue.

  • All events are paused at the space.

  • We will be monitoring the situation closely and will update you should anything change.

We will also be asking a few small things from our members at this time:

  • To decrease the spread of germs, please use paper products in the kitchen instead of reusable dishes or bring your own dishes from home.

  • Be conservative of TP use as there is none in stores at this time. Clean any area you use before and after use. There are Clorox wipes and hand sanitizers throughout the space.

  • And please stay home if you or someone in your family are not feeling well.

You can read what the Santa Monica has to say here. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Simon.

We're all in this together and look forward to seeing your happy and healthy faces.

The Beach House CoWork Team

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