Work Remote With A Virtual Mailbox

Open and manage bank accounts, work remote strategically and manage your postal mail online easily. 

Proof of Residence to Open Bank Accounts

Existing banking regulations require bank accounts to have a physical address. This can be a hurdle for small online businesses and businesses operating internationally. We make it easy for our clients to obtain a real physical address alongside services to ensure your business remains within banking compliance. 

Our Process

  1. Legal & Physical Lease Agreement
    We own physical property so we can offer a real leased physical space for your business. Dont stress, our leases are legal and are reviewed by legal professionals to ensure your business and our agreement is in full compliance of a real lease contract. You'll receive a unique physical address as proof of address, permitting you to open your U.S. Business Bank Account.

  2. On-site/In Person Verification
    At times banking institutions, payment processors or miscellaneous financial representatives will visit an address in person to verify proof of address. Our team of professionals will be able to confirm your leased space with them.  

  3. Money Back Guarantee
    If our service does not meet your needs within the first 30 days we will issue a full refund for the leased space. Cancel your lease agreement if our address does not suffice as a valid proof of address for your business. 

Setup A Permanent Virtual Mailbox

Our virtual mailbox provides your business with a physical address so you can receive mail. Envelopes are scanned so you can review online at your convenience. You can chose to have your mail opened and scanned, destroyed,  or forwarded. Owning a virtual mailbox has never been easier. 

Services Offered

  1. Mail Scanning & Opening
    Have your mail scanned and emailed to you electronically for your convenience. Save much needed time for your business by digitizing and storing your mail. When you receive new mail you'll receive an email notification to an address of your choosing. 

  2. Document Management
    Download easy PDF copies of your documents.We provide high resolution scans of your documents so they are accessible and legible online.  

  3. Archive Mail Online
    With our service you have the ability to archive all of your digital mail documents for as long as you want. Delete mail easily. 

  4. Mail Forwarding
    Have a piece of mail you need physically forwarded to you? Our office assistants can promptly mail out time sensitive important mail to a physical address of your selection. 

  5. Mail Shredding
    Get rid of spam mail and help prevent identity theft by utilizing our mail shredding services. Mail shredding is included in your virtual mailbox membership. Other competitors charge per shred and by weight. We shred your mail so they are discarded in unrecognizable pieces. 

  6. Document & Package Storage
    Your packages and mail is secured and locked up safely for piece of mind. Our facility has around the clock surveillance so we can ensure the safety of your sensitive documents. 

Interested in Signing Up for a Virtual Mailbox and Proof of Residence? 

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